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Regions: Puglia



Puglia is famous for Burrata, Stracciatella and cow´s milk mozzarella cheese. Let´s not forget the wide range of fruit and vegetables coming from this paradise in the south of Italy. Travelling in Puglia you cannot miss the olive trees spread all around the peninsula. The famous Belle di Cerignola Olives come from here and also some amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oils.


Il Caseificio Maldera srl, was founded in 2006 in Corato, due to work of Giuseppe Maldera that continues family’s activity born in the 1972 thanks to the hard job and the passion of his grandfather Giuseppe and subsequently developed by his father Vito. Today, Maldera works with the purpose of continuing keeping alive the ancient traditions of the handmade dairy production.  

Di Lecce Nicola srl is a company based in Margherita di Savoia, Puglia, Italy. The core product are olives from Puglia, sourced especially around the Ofanto Valley. The olives are harvested using traditional methods, then carefully selected and transformed using the highest standard of production. The sector in which Di Lecce srl operates is continuously expanding because Di Lecce´s product selection stands out on the international markets offering single variety olives such as Bella di Cerignola, Sant´Agostino, Termite di Bitetto, Leccino, Peranzana e Pasola.


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