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Regions: Campania



Campania is cheerful and radiant, well-known for the typical products from the land. Thanks to the sun, this region can boast the juiciest and tastiest tomatoes in the world that flavor the many local dishes and, last but not least, the famous pizza and calzone. The pizza maker who invented a tri-color pizza with tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy, became a legend; this pizza still survives with the traditional name of pizza Margherita. Another pride of this region is the dairy produce, with the famous buffalo mozzarella: in particular we loved the one from Battipaglia. 


The Madaio family has been maturing local cheeses for four generation. Antonio vision is to keep alive the art of refining cheeses naturally according to family tradition against the pressure of the big food industries. Casa Madaio sources cheese from small producers in the local mountains and then refines it in their natural stone caves as the ancestors used to do. They also produce cheeses using goat and buffalo milk, including our famous Buffalo Mozzarella TERRE DI NERINA.



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