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Cooking will save us: we are all #cuoriinpasta

For the past 2 months the whole world has been the victim of a health emergency that has radically altered our lives. Italy, among the countries most impacted by the epidemic, has experienced great suffering.  This anomalous and extraordinary event has distorted lives through forced domestic confinement and deprivation of social contact.  Within this context, many have taken refuge in partially forgotten or neglected activities.

We all yearn to transform this forced imprisonment into a positive emotional experience and to live quarantine not in anxiety but in well-being.  We are all seeking opportunities for regeneration and to find something new within the context of a repetitive daily routine.  How long can we withstand uncertainty?


We can withstand if we cook.  Family, home and the comfort of positive things that ignite our memories can help swing our feelings upwards and help us to focus on what makes us feel good.

Cooking can be an act of remembrance that allows us to rediscover the most pleasant moments with our families and within our relationships through recipes that are innately reassuring.

Immersing our hands in a mixture of water and flour can be therapeutic.  The absolute calm that simple gesture produces can reward us with a sense that we can do it.  A feeling of home, of serenity and abandonment to something good can act as ballast in this moment beyond our control.  This too will pass, and in the meantime we have cooking to warm our hearts and souls.